About The Doctor

A Physician, Diabetologist and Cardiologist by profession, learner by passion and a companion for patients. This one line truly sums up the entire career of Dr. S K Mundhra. For someone who came from humble surroundings, and reached a level where many would just aspire to be,Dr. S K Mundhra is a true ideal for the society in all terms.

With an experience of about 25 years, Dr S K Mundhra’s journey has been quite exceptional. From being a brilliant student throughout his academic career to the Recipient of National Science Talent Search Exam scholarship to receiving Gold medals at various levels of his studies, Dr. S K Mundhra’s journey has been noted with milestones and something that many aspirants would like to follow.

Being an M.D Dr. S K Mundhra has special interest in Heart, Chest and Thyroid Diseases. Dr. S K Mundhra being a Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Cardiologist does Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac, Chest and Thyroid Diseases. He is the HOD (Department of Medicine) at Saroj Hospital and Heart Institute, Rohini since last many years.

Apart from doing various seminars and lectures, Dr. S K Mundhra has been organizing free camps at various places and for people from all stratas of the society. He has been regularly holding Diabetes, Hypertension, Neuropathy, Osteoporosis, Retinopathy detection camps, Asthma awareness clinic.

Professional Experience

  • Currently working as HOD (Department of Medicine) at Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute, Madhuban Chowk, Rohini for last many years.
  • 25 yrs of experience as a practicing physician in Northwest Delhi.
  • Working as a Chairman, Scientific and Academic Committee Saroj Hospital Since last many years
  • Has also worked at many hospitals of Delhi.

Academic Qualification

  • M.B.B.S.
  • M.D. (Medicine)
  • Advance Certificate Course in Diabetes